Video gallery


Baby philosophy

15 Jan 1993. Bryant expounds his philosophy of life at home in Foster City, CA, where we lived two happy years in Diaz Lane between summer 1991 and summer 1993. You can trust Bryant to have an original opinion on every subject!



Chinese Brush Painting

Summer 1997. Bryant spent part of 1997 in Singapore before moving to London. Here he tries his hand at Chinese brush painting with his mum and our artist friend in Singapore, Yu Fachuen.



Wall climbing

Summer 1999.  Bryant climbs the studded wall in the back garden of our Putney home in London.




14 Apr 2004. Bryant performs his karate kata for Sinsei Kanazawa during his black belt grading in London. Sinsei Kanazawa (9th Dan) is based in Japan.




2006. Bryant is juggling in his bedroom.



Bryant's music

Bryant's music education began at the age of five, when he started learning the violin. When he was nine, he began to take some piano lessons. Here are nine videos of Bryant's performances in various concerts:

Video 1

6 March 2005.  Bryant plays at the Russian Orthodox Church in Kensington, London, a short program of three pieces. The first is the Adagio from Bach's first Sonata for solo violin. He draws a big sound from his ¾ size violin and reveals his sensitivity for Bach's music at a tender age.


Video 2

6 March 2005.  Bryant plays the First Movement of Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole at the Russian Orthodox Church.


Video 3

23 Aug 2008.  Bryant plays Massenet's Meditation during a music workshop in St Paul's School.


Video 4

25 Sep 2008.  Bryant works on Kreisler’s Tambourin Chinois with Lydia Newlands, who had known him since he was five, and taught him the piano.


Video 5

23 Apr 2009.  Bryant plays Kreisler's Tambourin Chinois in Wathen Hall, St Paul's School, London, accompanied by Robin Wedderburn.


Video 6

5 Feb 2009.  Bryant plays Sarabande and Courante from Bach’s partita number 2. Bach has a special place in his heart since the age of ten. He won the Bach prize at the Richmond-upon-Thames Music Festival in January 2006.


Video 7

11 Feb 2010.  Bryant plays Granados’ Spanish Dance Number 5 “Andaluzia” in Wathen Hall, St Paul’s School, London.


Video 8

9 April 2010.  Bryant plays the second movement of Franck's sonata for violin and piano with accompanist Alison Rhind in Wathen Hall, St Paul's School. His violin teacher at the time was Lutsia Ibragimova.


Video 9

29 June 2010.  At the Leavers’ Concert in his final term at St Paul’s School, Bryant played Wieniawski’s Legend with his beloved school orchestra of which he was co-leader.