Messages from Harrodian School friends and teachers


Dear Ee Meng and Chin Wee,


I am sorry I have taken so long to write; this hasn't been the easiest message to send.


It has been a long time since I have seen Bryant, yet from reading what those who knew him more recently have posted, many of the things said about Bryant paint the exact same picture of how I remember him.  He was always fiercely intelligent and driven; even as an eight year old I could tell that this was a kid who would excel at whatever he put his mind to.  In fact I believe that a significant part of my desire to do well academically at the Harrodian had to do with what I had seen in Bryant, and trying to emulate that.  I also noticed this in his approach to karate, where he took to it with the same drive and determination that characterised his approach to life, making it hardly suprising when he got his black belt.


But alongside his success, Bryant had a happy and bubbly attitude towards almost everything.  My mum reminded me the other day of the time her, Bryant and I had to wait for over an hour next to our car to get a clamp removed, and instead of being crabby and irritated as most kids that age would have been (and indeed as I think I was...) Bryant was still smiling and joking when the man eventually came to free the car.  I can also remember when I accidentally set off the burglar alarm at the Tan household (sorry again Ee Meng) and whilst I panicked Bryant just laughed and made me feel like a bit less like the idiot I had been.


Bryant and I tried last year to meet up but we never managed it; he was never in the UK for long and I was away on holiday most of the time he was here.  It is really hard to come to terms with the fact that I didn't get to see him again, especially as my memory of him is not as vivid or recent as I wish it would be.  But from what everyone who knew him within the last decade has wrote on this page, it appears that how I remember Bryant is the same as how those who knew him as a young man remember him; a viciously smart and determined individual with a heart of gold.


I am so sorry for your loss.


Will Essayan

21 July 2014




Hi Ee Meng,


I am so sorry to hear of Bryant's passing, and I offer my deepest condolences. I know nothing I say can really mitigate the tragedy, but I would like to share my early memories of Bryant:


I remember going through every year of the pre-preps at Harrodian with Bryant. We were very close in those early years; from benefitting from Ms. Guard’s kindness in pre-prep one, to learning the Haka in Ms. Carter’s class in pre-prep two, to misunderstanding Ms. Ford’s sarcasm in pre-prep three (as any seven-year-old would).

I’ll never forget the sheer intelligence that Bryant possessed – he always seemed several years ahead of his age group. But, more than that, I’ll never forget his smile and the warm-heartedness that he showed everyone he came across. Bryant was one of the few people in the world that truly cared about everyone in his life. If you were visibly sad, he’d always come and console you. If you were angry, he’d calm you down. And, if you were smiling, he’d always be there to share a laugh with you.

Bryant and I lost touch after he left Harrodian and I eventually left the country. I always knew he was destined for great things and I was filled with great pride upon hearing of his graduation from Stanford University. The courage he showed to travel so far from home to study at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world is the same courage that brought on this devastating news. My heart dropped when I heard of his passing, and my thoughts are with his family and closest friends at this extremely difficult time.

It was an absolute pleasure spending time and sharing memories with Bryant, and I know he had the same positive impression on everyone he met.

Patrik Bergabo

21 July 2014




Dear Mr and Mrs Tan,

Words alone cannot express the shock of hearing of the tragic passing of Bryant.
Bryant was indeed as his name pronounced "a la francaise" a truly brillant young man whose life has been cut short so cruelly.
I had the privilege of being Bryant French teacher in the Pre-preps during his time at the Harrodian school. He was a dream student already then. His ear for the language was exceptional and his thirst to learn more vocabulary was exemplary adding to the mix this incredible smile of his always present making everything he did seem so easy.
Apart from only fond memories of having such an exceptional little boy in my class, i remember very clearly a lovely encounter we had on our bikes next to the river between Putney and Hammersmith bridge. Two mums you and Bryant and me with my youngest daughter Louella. We had a lovely chat finding out how everything was going on at Collet Court, the sun was shining and I was so pleased to be able to tell Louella what a wonderful ex pupil Bryant had been at Harrodian.
As I am writing this email, I am looking at the beautiful vase Bryant gave me with a lovely thank you for teaching him note in the summer term before leaving. A very precious present from a very precious boy called away from this earth far to early.
Looking at this beautiful website, you both have created in his memory, one thing is certain, Bryant lived his life to the full and the world is now a poorer place without him.
You are both in my thoughts.
With love,
Madame Any Lucas

12 July 2014




I've been staring at these photos from 1998, trying to process the unthinkable news of Bryant's death. My mind keeps veering back to the liveliness of that small boy he was -- just look at the suppressed energy in that impish face as he complied with some adult's request to be serious, then scroll down to see it explode out in the next instant. Bryant seemed able to switch effortlessly from serious consideration to giggles of enjoyment, committing himself completely to each moment. Bryant's ability to embrace all experiences extended even to endless patience, in our house, with somebody else's little brothers! The memories of time spent with Bryant and  Ee Ming and Chin Wee are vividly woven into our family's history; may they be a blessing to comfort us all.

Tracy Essayan

12 July 2014



Group picture taken at the Harrodian School in 1998, with Bryant on the front row, right.




I remember Bryant from when we were both growing up doing Karate together. Bryant was always one or two belts ahead of me, so I would turn to him for a lot of advice. I remember his patience and understanding, along with his generosity and vastly superior skill. Every time I had a problem with a certain technique or if there was something I could not remember, he was always happy to take a moment with me to make sure I knew what I was doing. I recall watching him very intently during his black belt grading, knowing that I would do anything to emulate his skill. I was filled with sadness upon hearing of Bryant's passing. I know, however, that Bryant's positivity has reached a great deal of people, and in our attempts to try to be a little bit like him, the world is a better place. As a fellow hiker and explorer, I know how easy it is for things to go wrong, and the consequences are devastating. My heart goes out to Bryant's family and friends during this terrible time.

RIP Bryant


Filip Bergabo

10 July 2014




I was fortunate enough to know Bryant at a very young age, so young in fact I can't remember how old we were but I can remember the classrooms and teachers we shared. 

It was obvious he was exceptional from a young age. I can remember sitting in a circle of five other students in the 'advanced' maths class and Bryant explaining to me that even numbers summed make even numbers, odd numbers summed make even numbers but summing even and odds together gives an odd result. He was so warm in his explanation and excited in his discovery. I can remember thinking how insightful it was and being impressed at the completely untaught and yet profound observation he had made.  From then on I always tried to do better or at least equal Bryant, a task I cannot ever remember achieving. 

I can also remember going over for a play date and going on the climbing wall at the back of the garden before taking a break and attending my own private violin concert as Bryant practiced and showed me what he had learned. In hindsight perhaps that is why I have tried and failed to learn so many instruments so many times. 

Unfortunately, I haven't seen Bryant recently. I saw him in a pub one afternoon a couple of years ago but he was with friends and I was so surprised to see him I ashamedly didn't go up to say hi. Instead, I settled for recounting that I had seen that he was "at Stanford now and working on some fancy looking car in the desert." 

My thoughts go out to all his friends and family who knew him far better than I did. However, if it is any consolation let it be known that Bryant has played a profoundly positive part in my life, be it admiring him and aspiring to be more like him as we sat cross legged in a small circle as children or across a bar at a pub as adults. 

RIP Bryant


Christian Nielsen

8 July 2014